Who We Are

The Georgia Cyber Range is a private cloud computing environment hosted at the Georgia Cyber Center. We provide an immersive live fire cyber range experience, allowing extensive capabilities support-ing both research and training. We go beyond simple simulations, through deploying automated, reliable, and repeatable environments including common web applications, end-user systems, small business & enterprise services, along with the ability to customize and duplicate your organizations network environments (Digital Twins).

Our Process

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Our Stats

vcpu 1,920 vCPU

ram 15 TiB Memory

hdd 2 PiB Ceph Storage

net 100 GiB Network Backend

arch x86_64 aarch64, s390x, ppc64

hwil ICS, Medical Device, Etc.

Our Services

We are a dedicated Cyber Range provider, bringing current industry practices to development, management, and provisioning of Cyber Range environments to meet the demands of Training, Education, Research (Security, Scientific, etc), Development, and Testing.

This includes providing cloud, networking, systems, and application experience and expertise so the customer can focus on their mission.