Georgia Cyber Range - Code of Conduct

What is a Cyber Range?

Collection of real-world systems, networks, and subnets that allow for nearly unrestricted security research activities. (i.e. hacking, research, development, test and evaluation, etc…​)

Hosted events and access is only available to participants and/or organizations that have signed up for services provided by the Georgia Cyber Range. Please ensure that you document any and all commands and the progress that you have made, to ensure no data loss if your assigned cyber range is required to be rebuilt.

User Access Requirements

  • Almost Any Device (Mobile Phone with a Desktop Experience, Laptop, Desktop)

  • Standard Computer Peripherals (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard)

  • Modern Internet Browser (Preferably Google Chrome)

  • Stable Internet Connection

Participants must comply with the following Code of Conduct:

  • Do Not attack any systems/networks outside of your assigned Cyber Range

  • Do Not attempt to gain access to systems outside of your assigned Cyber Range

  • Do Not cause a DoS targeting the Georgia Cyber Range Infrastructure and/or Services

  • Do Not engage in or utilize the Georgia Cyber Range for any illegal or Criminal Activity

  • For Your Protection, do not log into or authenticate with any personal services (i.e. email, banking, etc.) from a Georgia Cyber Range system as it is in a shared environment

All identified restricted activity will be grounds for access being revoked

Be Safe and Have Fun!