Support for Education and Training

To fill the need of providing reliable and realistic training environments to organizations, the Georgia Cyber Range provides seamless and direct access for customers to resources within our cloud computing environment through any modern day web browser.

Services we provide are listed but not limited to the below area’s:

  • Development Support
    This includes direct code development, meetings and collaboration for refining requirements, and ensuring that organizational expectations are met.

  • Instructor-led Demo Environments
    This consists of simple one to two system environments allowing instructors to provide hands-on learning through demonstration and students being able to follow along, while at the same time ensuring all classes receive the same minimum level of instruction. This is meant to enhance current lessons by providing the demonstration guide and the environment to match.

  • Custom Environment Creation
    A core concept to our work is the philosophy of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), meaning everything from the environment to the individual systems are configured through lines of code. This allows for the the ability to customize every aspect of the environment and easily store and manage it.

    • Active Directory Support

    • Linux Support (Any openly available Distributions)

    • Windows Support (Server & Desktop, Win XP - Current Release)

    • Custom Networking Support

    • Imagination is the Limitation

  • Capture The Flag
    Simple to complex Capture the Flag events, to include environments and your preferred scoring engine.

If you feel this does not match or fit exactly what you are looking for, then please send your inquiry directly to We will will evaluate your requirements to determine our ability to support it.